Client feedback

Since the launch I have had various colleagues commenting on how accurate and interesting your analyses were...
— Getty Images
Having been written a poison pen letter, I consulted Ruth, who could not have been more helpful and efficient. The matter was sorted within weeks thanks to her diligence, and it was a pleasure to work with her, despite the circumstances.
— Michael, Kent
.... I for one feel a better person after knowing what sort of personality I project to others...
— JH, London
We invited Ruth for a corporate event at our law firm. We did not know much about graphology, but the stand was always busy, with people wanting to gain an insight into their own personality. All of us could not comprehend how accurate Ruth’s assessment of us was. It was a pleasure to have her.
— O. Newton, Solicitor
Ruth is an excellent and professional forensic handwriting analyst and for the wonderful work she does, she charges an affordable fee for her outstanding work. She’s both helpful and diligent and could possibly be one of the best graphologists in London, perhaps the United Kingdom! I highly recommend utilising her services should you need to, whether you’ve been written a poison pen letter, suspect a forgery or simply want to find out more about yourself!
— R. Edwards, London
A 5 star service all round.
— Ian