Here are the facts about graphology.

It was wonderful to have you at our corporate event. Your analyses were intriguing.
Spookily accurate.
— D.B, Chelsea
My partner and I were having problems. Ruth’s compatibility assessment was extremely valuable in finding a true level of understanding between us.
— Marc, Cumbria
  • Handwriting analysis is a scientific assessment method.
  • Handwriting analysis is not predictive and has nothing to do with the occult!
  • You cannot tell a person's age from their handwriting
  • You cannot tell a person's sex from their handwriting
  • No two persons' handwriting is exactly the same. An individuals handwriting identity is distinctly characteristic to the writer.
  • Everyone's handwriting has a master pattern - i.e, unconscious handwriting habits that are unique to each individual and cannot be suppressed or changed intentionally.
  • You cannot tell right or left-handedness
  • You cannot tell a person's creed or colour from their handwriting.

Handwriting analysis is a powerful and positive key to human understanding. Most of us go through life never knowing our true personality or realising our potential. It is therefore refreshing and comforting to discover that through handwriting analysis certain qualities and skills, even hidden talents can be discovered.

A graphologist will look, for example, at the size and slant of the handwriting, the pressure, how the handwriting is placed on the paper etc. From this a graphologist will have insight into a range of characteristics. Firstly there is the temperament, which is the all important foundation of one's personality, followed by personality traits such as integrity, motivation, intellect, imagination, determination, will-power, emotional depth, initiative, inhibitions and sociability.

Graphology can be positively used for a wide range of applications, for example: personal development, relationships, to help solve forgeries, in corporate team building, for entertainment within the media, or for corporate events, criminal profiling .... and so on.

Below, Ruth uses graphology to analyse the handwriting of Justin Bieber.