About Ruth

Ruth Myers ABFHE WADE CGA , a well known UK based handwriting analyst (graphologist), has specialised in the scientific examination of documents and handwriting for the past 17 years and is experienced in the presentation of Expert Evidence in Courts of Law in England and Northern Ireland. She has undertaken commissions on behalf of banks, building societies, financial institutions, The Crown Prosecution Service, solicitors and arbitrational tribunals, to mention but a few.

Ruth initially studied with the International Graphoanalysis Society of Chicago, and graduated in 1985. As the world's largest handwriting analysis society they have brought proven and researched Graphoanalytical techniques to the handwriting analysis field that are respected and known worldwide.

She has appeared on Big Brother's Little Brother in July 2010, and has also been on BBC Radio 2, The Paul O' Grady Show, Sky News, BBC Wales and other media, including the News of the World which was shut down in 2011. She has also analysed Prince William and Kate Middleton's handwriting for The Sun newspaper, as well as many other celebrities, including Michael Jackson and Gordon Brown.

Her latest television appearance was on The Alan Titchmarsh Show in 2012, where she looked at brief examples of handwriting on small stands, and in a humorous revelation, when Myers claims that one sample is "aggressive", Titchmarsh admits that it is his own handwriting, Ruth later met Liz Jones, whose handwriting she had summed up as "artistic" before knowing who she genuinely was. All the conclusions she made were deemed accurate and impressive by the presenter, Liz Jones and the studio audience.

Ruth Myers specialises in, and is equipped to carry out a number of techniques used in forensic document and suspect handwriting examination encountered in investigation and litigation.