Handwriting Analysis in Cases of Corporate Fraud, Forensic Graphology

Corporate fraud costs companies millions of pounds every year and affects the lives of every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom. If, for example, an insurance company is defrauded, the premiums are increased and we pay the price. The secret of the perfect fraud is when the victim is blissfully unaware of their losses!

Companies and their staff can be victims of internal theft, poison pen letters or even blackmail letters. Both are more than likely to involve falsified documents and possibly forged signatures.

Internal theft can be carried out a number of ways. Short of stealing from the petty cash box, or the shop till, every misdemeanour will involve a paper trail of some sort. Once the fraudulent document(s) has/have been identified the forensic graphologist can look at the evidence from a number of perspectives.

Blackmail is the more sinister side of anonymous corporate fraud. These are the extortion letters or notes usually demanding vast sums with the threat of sabotage, product meddling, kidnap or worse. The police usually handle these vicious letters, since dangerous, or unbalanced individuals may have penned them. Again, a fully trained graphologist, working in this forensic discipline, can put together a criminal profile, which can be frighteningly accurate and help to focus the investigation process.

Ruth Myers' skills have been used to assist in cases of corporate fraud and human resource issues, such as blackmail and poison pen victimisation.

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