Blackmail & Poison Pen Letters

Forensic Graphology - Blackmail & Poison Pen Letters

Ruth provides professional and accurate analysis of poison pen letters.

Anonymous letters are more common than realised and can arise in every strata of life from the educated to the illiterate, from politicians to neighbours. Receiving these letters, which are often offensive, scurrilous, and spiteful, can cause untold distress, fear and mental anguish.

They are written mostly from spite, envy, jealousy, sexual frustration, rejection or job dismissal. In many cases they can be continuous over a period of months and years and can be extremely distressing to the victim.

Blackmail letters are the more sinister side of anonymous letters. These are the extortion letters or notes usually demanding vast sums of money involving kidnap, severe bodily harm or murder. The police usually handle these vicious letters as sick or dangerous individuals have penned them.

Many of these letters are written in an attempted disguised hand often with intentional spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar to hide the standard of intellect of the writer.

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