Forensic Graphology, Scientific Handwriting Analysis, Criminal Profiling

About Forensic Graphology

Ruth Myers specialises in the examination and comparison of suspect writing of signatures or handwriting and anonymous letters and will attend court as an expert witness if required for corporate or personal cases.

Ruth's clients have included the Crown Prosecution Services, Arbitrational Tribunals, Banks (e.g. Habib), Solicitors (e.g. Eskinazi & Co), Building Societies (Nationwide), Financial Institutions and various well-known corporate companies, such as Electrolux Holdings, National Express, Bulgari, BMI Medical Foundation, Pearl Assurance, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, J.Sainsbury and L.A. Fitness.

Graphology is and can be used as a forensic science tool. A forensic handwriting analyst will use measuring devices, regardless of the script (whether cursive or print), to compare handwriting in terms of size, width, height and angles. The documents are enlarged using stereomicroscopes and magnification equipment giving a depth of field that is helpful in studying indentations of writing.

The forensic aspect of graphology skills are enhanced by ESDA (Electrostatic Development of Indented Writing Impressions) which develops indented writing impressions that are not seen with the naked eye, for example evidence of altered records, names and addresses, fingerprints etc.

Ruth Myers is trained and equipped to carry out a number of techniques used in forensic document examination encountered in investigation and litigation.

Forensic document examination services include:-

  • Identification of handwriting
  • Authentication of signatures
  • Comparison of typescript
  • Investigation of altered documents
  • Forged cheques and financial documents
  • Blackmail and poison letters
  • Disputed wills
  • Typewriter identification
  • Graffiti

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