Corporate Events - After Dinner Speaking/Lectures

Ruth Myers is a handwriting analyst, or graphologist, whose entertaining and informative talk entitled "Secrets in your handwriting" creates a buzz, which sets her audience talking and thinking.

With the added attraction of audience participation the events are especially interesting with the excitement of finding out many personal characteristics which Ruth demonstrates on a flip chart.

Everyone is curious to discover the meaning of the traits displayed in their own handwriting and this feature invariably commands rapt attention and peals of laughter.

After a talk, the audience is invited to put any questions concerning their own handwriting to Ruth, which always creates an enlightening informative and entertaining occasion.

Thank you very much for coming to our club on Tuesday. We thoroughly enjoyed your talk. Maybe, at a future date, you can talk to us more on interesting subject. Jacobs Hall

We have been fascinated by your talk this afternoon - our rapt attention showed that you have certainly used your great gift exceptionally well and we are delighted you could spend time with us today.
The Ladies of the Ayrshire Luncheon Club